Aug 042018

There is now in the USA a bunch of conspiracy theory nuts called QAnon who are followers of the fictional mole within the “Deep State” called “Q”. They are of course all followers of Trump, and are all too quick to believe in some of the most inane political conspiracy theories :-

  1. The “Deep State” is planning a coup to unseat Trump.
  2. North Korea is a puppet state controlled by the CIA.
  3. Certain members of the Democrat party have hired MS13 to murder rivals within the Democratic party.
  4. The Mueller investigation is actually on Trump’s side and is secretly investigating child sex rings within the Democratic party.
  5. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros are trafficking children and are also planning a coup.
  6. J.P. Morgan sank the Titanic.

They also believe that their source Q will eventually reveal the secrets of the universe.

It is clear that QAnon are deeply stupid and deeply ignorant people; in fact dangerously stupid and ignorant. One supporter when asked if they had any evidence that Q was for real, answered with a No, but added there was also no evidence that Q wasn’t real.

Which is itself evidence that at least one Q believer is dangerously stupid and ignorant. And it probably goes for the whole crew – after all believing the partial list of ridiculous conspiracy theories is evidence enough of stupidity.

And of course they’re all Trump supporters – you would have to be stupid to vote for someone against your own interests.

Of course Q is just a troll to expose just how stupid some Trump voters are, which I know because I taught Q everything they know; I’m P.

Dec 272014

What with North Korea’s latest explosion of bile, Sony is having a network security issue that will be used as an example of how bad things can get for probably decades. The phrase “I’m in the middle of a Sony” will be regularly used within the industry for the worst types of incidents.

It is not clear just what happened to Sony during the incident, and it will quite possibly never be clear. There are rumours that it may be something as simple as a phishing attack, and the FBI has claimed it has recovered code with similarities to code used in previous attacks against targets the North Koreans would wish to target.

It seems pretty certain that the North Koreans were involved in the attack against Sony; in addition to the code fragments, the North Koreans have gone out of their way to claim the attack was orchestrated by themselves. Yes they denied the attacks, but in the same way that a little kid denies having stolen the cake with all the evidence on his face.

Normally a corporation under attack from a state actor can be forgiven for getting opened up like a can of peaches, but this is Sony and a bunch of idiots who if they hadn’t lucked out by being in charge of North Korea would have trouble getting a job flipping burgers.

So Sony Pictures needs to have a good long look at it’s security. Two big tips for Sony:

First of all, change the name of the security team to the insecurity team. That is not a criticism of the team that does security at Sony right now, but because there is an assumption that the security team handles security and the rest of us doesn’t have to bother.

In reality, security is everyone’s responsibility.

Secondly take a second look at every recommendation that your security team has ever made and you have said No to. And reconsider.