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Mar 202012

This is from last week’s day off … which was the one day of the week when the fog was almost entirely solid from beginning to end. Almost but not quite – there was about 5 minutes worth of sun on the train back. But there again, sometimes not so great weather results in sometimes not quite so poor photos …

#1: Flying Over The Fog

Flying Over The Fog

Those distant black blobs in the sky are actually birds – this needs to be seen large.

#2: The Gate

The Gate

#3: Paths Meet

The Paths Meet

Oct 242011

Back to the same old place again … the big change this time was walking around the other way :-

#1: Downhill


If you can’t tell, this is looking down one of the steeper parts of the path.

2: Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Yes, yes. Autumn leaves should be in colour. But in fact the lighting was sort of flat so it wouldn’t be that impressive in colour (either).

3: The Garden Shed

Garden Shed

I’m sure it’s not really a garden shed, but that building you can see in this image is not the real castle so it could be a garden shed. A big one.

May 022011

More photographs from the sleepy valley :-

1: Sheepy Valley

Sheepy Valley

Apologies for the pun, but it was just hard to resist 🙂

2: Climbing To The Shade

Climbing To The Shade

Getting up this hill was hot work!

3: Hilltop Argument

Hilltop Argument

Which way to go ?

Oct 062006

On Wednesday (kind of late to post this, but as nobody reads it anyway, who cares?) afternoon I returned to Arundel and more specifically Swanmore Lake to make some images there. Just walked around the lake with a short detour along the long trail north.

It seems my memory of the place had been distorted by time, and the low level of water in the lake was a bit of a shame but I may have come up with some good images (they haven’t been processed as yet). Unfortunately I missed the dramatic sky that was on show on the train back … an oil slick spreading across the sky, white clouds highlighted against huge black clouds and small black clouds highlighted against whispy white skies.

And I managed to damage my foot again … am I jinxed ?

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