Feb 022015

Undocumented command options … grrr!

Every so often I find that I have a need to put a volume label onto a FAT filesystem – usually so a digital camera SD (or CF) card can be "automatically" mounted (actually they don't mount automatically on my workstation and I like it like that) in the right place. And of course every time I do, I remember that the command to do so is mlabel but I cannot remember exactly how to do it.

Because mlabel (together with the other mtools) has some sort of weird configuration file to turn Unix/Linux paths into drive letters‽ And yes that was an interribang although it could just as well be some other form of punctuation to express disgust instead. As it happens mlabel has an undocumented option to specify a device path … at least it doesn't appear in the usage hints :-

» mlabel -h
Mtools version 4.0.17, dated June 29th, 2011
Usage: mlabel [-vscVn] [-N serial] drive:

It turns out that there is a "-i" option which takes a device path, but you still have to specify the drive as "::" just so things are less likely to go right :-

» mlabel -i /dev/sdi1 ::
 Volume has no label
Enter the new volume label : LEICA1

And there it is!

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