May 022011

More photographs from the sleepy valley :-

1: Sheepy Valley

Sheepy Valley

Apologies for the pun, but it was just hard to resist 🙂

2: Climbing To The Shade

Climbing To The Shade

Getting up this hill was hot work!

3: Hilltop Argument

Hilltop Argument

Which way to go ?

Mar 232011

I managed to add a few more images to my gallery of images of the South Downs

1: Daffs


Unusually (for me) in colour!

2: Memorial To Forgotten Kings

Memorial To Forgotten Kings

Of course I don’t really know that this little bump in the ground is really the burial mount of a long-forgotten kind, but it could be.

3: Cows On The Brow

Cows On The Brow

Just to show it isn’t always sheep!

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