Apr 022024

The interesting thing about the Trans Day of Visibility accidentally (to state the bloody obvious, Easter keeps moving around so such accidents are inevitable) colliding with Easter Sunday is that it has caused all the really fucking nasty shits to come out of their hutches spitting lettuce everywhere.

And yes you are really fucking nasty shits.

According to the last UK census only 0.5% of the population are transfolk; you could spend your entire life without encountering one. And transfolk are quite probably the most bullied minority there is – one report referenced by this guide suggests that 34% of young transfolk have attempted suicide. That’s probably higher than the suicide rate (one estimate puts it at 25%) amongst Nazi concentration camp inmates.

Now that is attempted suicides but it is still astonishingly high and points to a horrendous level of alienation and indeed bullying.

That needs fixing. And part of that fix is to tell the really fucking nasty shits to keep quiet.

One of the dumbest things that the nasty shits want is to force transfolk to use the public toilets marked for the gender they were born with. In other words they want people who to all appearances are women to use the mens facilities; and they want bearded blokes to use the ladies.

Now I don’t especially mind ladies (or transwomen if you insist) using the gents toilets although it does cause a double-take and a moment wondering if I’ve mistaken the sign on the door. Especially with those “fun” signs.

Oh and that “principle of least astonishment”? If you have gender segregated toilets, you expect to find those who look like men in the gents and those who look like women in the ladies.

But can you imagine the reaction if someone with all the appearance of a bearded bloke walks into a ladies? There have apparently already been women assaulted in toilets for looking too masculine by the ‘gender police’.

You don’t have to understand gender dysphoria to feel sympathy for transfolk – I don’t. It’s completely incomprehensible to me. And the really fucking nasty shits who criticise transfolk? Well they’re probably really fucking nasty shits in other ways too. So figuratively slap ’em down every time they raise they heads.

Because they deserve it.