Oct 242011

Back to the same old place again … the big change this time was walking around the other way :-

#1: Downhill


If you can’t tell, this is looking down one of the steeper parts of the path.

2: Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Yes, yes. Autumn leaves should be in colour. But in fact the lighting was sort of flat so it wouldn’t be that impressive in colour (either).

3: The Garden Shed

Garden Shed

I’m sure it’s not really a garden shed, but that building you can see in this image is not the real castle so it could be a garden shed. A big one.

Sep 012011

As some of you already know, the trip to Ilfracombe was a touch on the wet side so the number of photos to sort through was fewer than expected. However I think a small number turned out ok …

#1: Lundy


That funny lump on the horizon is probably Lundy island – famous haunt of pirates and sea birds.

#2: Incoming Rain

Incoming Rain

There were quite a lot of opportunities to shoot photos like this, but perhaps you’ll see that inclement weather sometimes makes for better images.

#3: Dark Harbour

Dark Harbour

This is the closest I have of a photo of Ilfracombe itself. Not just in the ones I thought to put up online, but even amongst the raw images!

#4: The Gentle Coast

Gentle Coast

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