Mar 162010

Probably of not much use to most, but useful to me …

On occasions, I have been known to start an application and switch virtual desktops as the application window appears which can sometimes lead to Enlightenment (but the DR16 version) “displaying” the window in a non-visible location. Fortunately there is a convenient and fairly trivial fix for this :-

  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Display a list of windows with the command eesh window_list (or eesh wl for short).
  3. This displays a list of two columns – a window ID and the title of each window. Pick the window ID of the window that is not visible.
  4. Next iconify the window with the command eesh wop iconify ${window_id}.
  5. At this point the icon for the application window should appear in your iconbox and you can uniconify it with the mouse and it should appear on the currently displayed desktop.
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