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Feb 042010

Macports is a convenient way of adding conventional Unix software to an OSX machine; this guide is not intended as a replacement for the main documentation but as a simple convenient cheat sheet. Mainly for myself, but as it is here, anyone is welcome to use it (and send in corrections!).

After you have installed the main Macports package you need to periodically update the main macports binary and the index files with :-

% sudo port selfupdate -d

This conveniently tells you to update the outdated ports with :-

% sudo port upgrade outdated

But neglects to suggest that removing inactive ports would be wise :-

% sudo port uninstall inactive

As an upgrade does not by itself remove older packages; merely makes them “inactive”. A considerable amount of space can be used by these “inactive” ports!


Once you have found a port you are interested in installing :-

% port search emacs

It is worth checking what variants are available :-

% port info emacs | grep Variants
Variants:             gtk, motif, universal, x11

This allows you to specify what features you want :-

% port install emacs +gtk

Further details may be added …

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