Mar 242024

There is currently a furore about JK Rowling having denied that the Nazis targeted transfolk with a comment specifically stating that the poster should “check their sources” which becomes amusing …

For the record, the historical suppression of the world’s first institute covering trans healthcare is a matter of record. And although I’m not going to chase down threads to verify this, there is very little doubt in my mind that transfolk would have been sent to concentration camps as homosexual men were.

Now the average person might be forgiven for being ignorant about the suppression of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft; after all those who aren’t interested in the subject will make an assumption that the “Holocaust” was just about the killing of the Jews.

It is true that non-Jewish victims are somewhat less publicised and that most groups weren’t targeted for annihilation as the Jews and Roma were, but being worked to death in a concentration camp with random and brutal punishment up to and including murder isn’t a kind fate. And certainly qualifies as repression.

Any public figure should be more careful about denying that something did or did not happen.

I have just seen a video claiming that JK Rowling isn’t a Holocaust denier because the word Holocaust refers specifically to Jewish victims. Well, there’s a discussion to be had about that – but it should be noted that the Jewish have a specific word for what happened to them (Shoah), which some people believe leaves the word “Holocaust” free to use in reference to all of the victims of the Nazis; it certainly works better than “Nazi crimes against humanity”.

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