Sep 282020

Trump won’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election.

If that was it, it would be just one warning sign but there are plenty of others.

He’s said “get rid of the ballots” in the very same speech. And there is no other interpretation other than he is anti-democratic; even if he was “joking”.

He appointed one of his jack-booted goons to sabotage the USPS so that mail in ballots wouldn’t arrive in time. Which would (curiously enough) have more of an impact on votes for a Democrat president than for a Republican president.

He’s “joked” that he should be entitled to a third term as president because of “things”. It seems his bruised ego is more important than the US constitution.

And there have been continued unfounded allegations of election fraud from the Trump camp since before he became president. As of yet nobody has found any evidence to substantiate those claims.

His campaign has hired 50,000 armed goons to “guard” polling stations which will be perceived as intimidation by any nervous Democrat voter.

And his volunteer army of goons – the rabid frothing at the mouth Trumpists – have already been demonstrating outside polling stations in a move clearly intended to intimidate Democrat voters.

You could argue that he is just joking and intentionally winding up “libtards”, but how can you be sure? It just isn’t worth the risk – the most fundamental requirement for any position in power is the belief in the democratic process.

Just imagine the shoe was on the other foot – Trump was a Democrat, and he was threatening to ignore the results of the election. Would that make you think differently?

Fundamentally whatever your politics, the last person you should vote for is someone who is threatening democracy.

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