Oct 032009

Yesterday I went through the process of creating a ZFS storage pool with a single device :-

zpool create zt1 cXXXXX

Next adding an additional device to mirror the first :-

zpool attach zt1 cXXXXX cYYYYY

Watched it resilver, and then detached the first replica reducing the number of replicas to one :-

zpool detach zt1 cXXXXX

This is one of the nicest ways possible to migrate a large dataset from one set of devices to another (say replacing a SAN). However the documentation on Sun’s manual page for zpool is just a little vague in the relevant area and does not explicitly say that a single replica is a perfectly valid configuration.

This might all seem a little obvious, but removing a replica to reduce a storage pool to an pool without a mirror (no redundancy) is something that some volume managers don’t allow.

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