Jun 282014

Given all the fuss over David Cameron’s hissy fit over the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker (henceforth “JCJ” as it is easier to type when I’m not entirely sober) as the European Union’s president, it may come as no surprise that something has been lost in the noise. And that is that JCJ has been appointed as the European Union’s president because he has effectively been elected by the European Parliament.

Most pan-European political parties campaigned with the intention that their leaders would be appointed European President … or at least that the European Parliament would ask that they would be appointed European President. And the European People’s Party‘s candidate was JCJ.

I would say in exactly the same way as David Cameron became Prime Minister except that didn’t happen as David Cameron did not have an overall majority.

To oppose JCJ’s appointment is anti-democratic. It is to oppose the will of the people. We should be celebrating the election of a president by the will of the people rather than being an appointment made by back-room deals as has always been previously the case. The acid test for the acceptance of democracy is to accept democratic decisions even when you disagree with them.

So Mr David Cameron, whilst you think you are protecting Britain’s interests, you are also opposing the will of the people – which is beyond contempt and exactly the sort of thing we expect from Britain’s politicians (said in exactly the same tone of voice I would use for the phrase paedophile).

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